October Gold

October Gold

October Gold, an acoustic alt-folk duo based out of Montreal, is the latest collaboration of singer/songwriter Kit Soden and his partner in music (and life), violinist Aliza Thibodeau. This marriage of Soden's folksy roots and Thibodeau's classical sensibilities has created a unique sound that has been described as "painting your imagination with song."

Since 2010, October Gold has been quietly captivating audiences across North America and Europe. The release of their first album, Into the Silence, showed the depth of sound the duo had developed in such a short period of time, apparent as well in their recent follow-up.

Aside from the noticeable chemistry between these two emerging artists, October Gold has managed to bring together a collection of brilliant musicians during the recording of their albums. Over 20 different instruments came together to create the mythical symphonic sounds of Into the Silence, resulting in a combination of powerful orchestral emotions and knee- slapping, hoe-down riffs.

October Goldʼs 2013 sophomore album, Bridge of the Sun, makes use of this rich, fully orchestrated sound, as well as the talents of author Steven Erikson. The albumʼs lyrics are derived from poetry scattered throughout Eriksonʼs best-selling series, ʻThe Malazan Book of the Fallen.ʼ A concept album, Bridge of the Sun walks the line between imagination and reality, holding a special connection for Malazan fans while still standing on its own as an independent collection of songs.

October Gold has been hard at work this past year creating their new self-titled EP, recorded and mixed at McGill University, where both artists received training. The EP features the harmonies and lyricism that the couple is known for, and the beautiful poetry of Archibald Lampman and Thomas Moore. 

October Gold continues to tour North America and Europe, and will be releasing October Gold - EP in November, 2015.



Kit plays a Larrivée D-02 guitar and Aliza plays a 200 year old violin of unknown origin.