den haag

The distances we had to travel this week felt very short, but I guess it is our North American perspective; when we told people in Nijmegen that we had to go to The Hague the next day, they said ‘oh that is far’, but if it is under 3 hours of travel time, it feels short to us!!

It was our first time to the capital city. We were being hosted by Albert, a true veteran of hosting living room concerts - this was his 22nd! He made us feel very at home in his beautiful four storey house; we had the attic to ourselves. He gave us some bikes to explore the city, which we tried to do, but didn’t get very far when the rain came tumbling down on us. 

It was a big potluck dinner and dessert kind of night. everyone arrived a little later than expected, but a good sized crowd had arrived and feasted by the time we played.

we had a friend from Montreal come to meet us there, LJ. he did the photos and filming for the night for us.

we played two sets, and had a great time, the crowd seemed very receptive and enjoyed the music. it was a huge living room that extended all the way to the kitchen, almost like a loft, the acoustics were pretty nice.

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