After a nice breakfast with the flatmates, we walked a fast walk to the nearby train station. we rolled through the fields of Holland and arrived at Nijmegen. we had no idea what to expect of the city except that it was a student town. we were happily surprised to find that the bed and breakfast we had reserved was right in the middle of the old part of town, on a very cute cobblestone street with restaurants and shops and bicycles whizzing by.  the B&B was also attached to a cafe called Bagels and Beans, so it was the B&B B&B. after a good little lunch we walked around the town and took some nice video and pictures of the old church at the centre. Sound check at the cafe Camelot was at 7:30, but of course it always ends up being later, so we had lots of time to have a good dinner and appreciate some local beer. We opened for a local band called ‘a silent speech,’ who played fun and catchy folk-pop tunes. We had a nice set, felt very different after all the acoustic house concerts.

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