groninger museum 

Back to Groningen, it took a little longer than expected, we arrived hungry and so had to eat at the great local fast food pasta place called Julia’s. 

Next we took the bus and were met by Laurens again, this time we stayed at his place.

After dropping our packs off, we headed to the Groninger Museum for the show. This was a very special part of our tour. We had been asked months ago by the museum, through wishfulmusic, to write a song for an exhibit of the Group of Seven paintings (famous canadian…

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day off 

Day Off. Nice. we went to see my old friend from Vancouver, Noel. I hadn’t seen him since 2005, and now he is married with 2 kids. Noel was as full of life as always, a very passionate and honest fellow. He and his family took us on a walk through an old part of the area where peat had been farmed long ago, tall tree lined roads and canals everywhere.

we played music for them in the backyard and then a lullaby for the young boy who had fallen in love with Aliza. next we went into the sauna in the backyard,…

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we slept in. it felt good. then off to Amsterdam. we had rented an airBnB apartment, and it was in the student neighbourhood, three metro stops from the centraal station. Carlos was in a local band Zorita, and stays at his gf’s house often, so he rents out his studio to travelers. it was a cool cozy little place.

we were lucky to get invited back to play at the amsterdam songwriter guild, and play live on amsterdamFM radio. it is on the 4th floor of the new library, with an outstanding view of the city.

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den haag 

The distances we had to travel this week felt very short, but I guess it is our North American perspective; when we told people in Nijmegen that we had to go to The Hague the next day, they said ‘oh that is far’, but if it is under 3 hours of travel time, it feels short to us!!

It was our first time to the capital city. We were being hosted by Albert, a true veteran of hosting living room concerts - this was his 22nd! He made us feel very at home in his beautiful four storey house; we had the attic to…

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After a nice breakfast with the flatmates, we walked a fast walk to the nearby train station. we rolled through the fields of Holland and arrived at Nijmegen. we had no idea what to expect of the city except that it was a student town. we were happily surprised to find that the bed and breakfast we had reserved was right in the middle of the old part of town, on a very cute cobblestone street with restaurants and shops and bicycles whizzing by.  the B&B was also attached to a cafe called Bagels and Beans,…

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groningen x1 


smooth train rides north from cologne to utrecht, and then almost to groningen, but then an accident on the tracks forced us out at assen and onto a greyhound bus for half an hour. Laurens from wishfulmusic met us at the station and walked us to the place where he and Wouter had organized a house concert. We had originally had this day off, but Sarah, a very nice local, who had seen us perform in Groningen last year, was not going to be able to attend our performance at the museum on Saturday, and had… Read more

day off - cologne 


and so, another early train!! 6am rise, and marlies is kind enough, again, to drive us to the train station. all this for a day off, but Sunday train travel in germany is busy and all the trains in the late morning and afternoon were sold out. we had to leave extra early too, because there was construction on the track between kiel and hamburg - and you know how well those hamburg tight train connections work - they don't... so we arrived an hour early in hamburg, enough time to have a good breakfast in… Read more

back to kiel 


the next concert was at Marlies' house, and we were put in contact with her by Robin Aigner, who had toured a similar circuit last july. (thank you robin!) Marlies is beautiful and kind lady with long silver hair and a big smile. she met us at the train station, squeezed us into her cute red car, and drove us to her nearby apartment, which turned out to be in the neighbourhood of Prinz Willy, the bar we played at last year, and the organizer for the next day's concert. After meeting her husband and son… Read more



we had an early train to catch (again), since it was a 6 hour train trip to stockholm. as we waddled into copenhagen traffic hour with our packs, we were amazed at all the bikes. and all these young people! hundreds of healthy young people riding to work in the early morning light. there was no crowd on the metro because everyone was on their bikes... back on the train, the internet that was advertised worked for the first time of any trains so far (only sweden and holland have working internet on their… Read more

the vessel is in a vessel 


on the high speed ICE train to Copenhagen, a 5 hour ride, we had a cool surprise. the train had been following the shore for awhile, kind of doing a milk-run route instead of high speed. turns out we were heading to a port; they made an announcement "you must leave the train when it is on the boat." Aliza and I gave each other a look 'what boat?!! Turns out the train actually gets on a ferry. Yes, the train gets on a boat. How cool is that?! and what a surprise. we filmed the whole loading, repeating… Read more

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