groninger museum

Back to Groningen, it took a little longer than expected, we arrived hungry and so had to eat at the great local fast food pasta place called Julia’s. 

Next we took the bus and were met by Laurens again, this time we stayed at his place.

After dropping our packs off, we headed to the Groninger Museum for the show. This was a very special part of our tour. We had been asked months ago by the museum, through wishfulmusic, to write a song for an exhibit of the Group of Seven paintings (famous canadian landscape paintings from the early 20th century). I chose to write one for the “West Wind” by Tom Thompson. The museum then included the song as part of an audio tour; people could walk around with headphones and listen to songs written by as many as 20 different musicians inspired by different paintings.

It was a good thing they asked us to do this; we had been searching for a band name for awhile, the project still had my solo name attached to it even though the sound had progressed beyond. One of the paintings by Franklin Carmichael is a painting of trees in the autumn, named “October Gold.” I thought what a great band name, and so did everyone I asked about it, so it stuck.

And finally, here we were in Groningen. Greeted by Stephen and Wouter, we were shown to where we were to perform in the museum, next to many beautiful paintings, what an incredible setting!!! and we got to see the October Gold painting in person, what a feeling, and what a great work. All the group of seven paintings are really special, nature in all its beauty, expressed in imaginative and colorful ways.

We performed the “west wind” song in front of the west wind painting!! how lucky!!

and then next came our two sets. there were four bands playing that night, three at the same time in different parts of the museum, and one after all the others in the auditorium. people would walk around and catch different parts of bands sets. it was a really special night. both sets had great crowds, maybe 70 or 80 people for the second one, with some very big applause :) thank you to and to the Groninger Museum for a night we will always remember...

we walked home with Laurens as our tour guide, telling us all about the parts of downtown as we strolled through the vibrant night life of Groningen.

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